Friday, 21 June 2013

Prince Of Persia Editor

Prince of Persia Editor

I tried to find a good level/maze editor for but i dont found anything that would be fine.

For this reason I started to build a level editor, the development is quite slow since the summer has now arrived....

I have refreshed the source repository now there are

-> some bugs fixed
-> customization features
-> sound files compressed
-> changeed to monogamer library 3.0.1

and the initial PoP editor bones...

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Next Step customization ?!?

Next Step customization ?!?

Next week i will start to customize my goal is to change graphics and make a Flash Special version of Prince Of Persia....
And the future ? to make a generic engine for make platform game like PoP....

For customize your simply modify the file in the root of the appllication called

like this for "Lion" customization

     <!-- KID_SPRITE -->
    <add key="CONFIG_sprite_kid" value="Sprites/Player/Kid_lion/"/>
    <!-- GUARD_SPRITE -->
    <add key="CONFIG_sprite_guard" value="Sprites/Guard/Guard_dos/"/>
    <!-- SONGS_DIRECTORY -->
    <add key="CONFIG_sound" value="Sounds/dos/"/>
    <!-- SONGS_DIRECTORY -->
    <add key="CONFIG_songs" value="Songs/dos/"/>
    <!-- ITEMS_DIRECTORY -->
    <add key="CONFIG_items" value="Items/"/>
    <!-- TILES_DIRECTORY -->
    <add key="CONFIG_tiles" value="Tiles/lion/"/>
    <!-- <add key="CONFIG_path_content" value="Content"/>-->
    <add key="CONFIG_path_Levels" value="Levels"/>
    <add key="CONFIG_path_Rooms" value="Rooms"/>
    <add key="CONFIG_path_Sequences" value="Sequences/lion/"/>

Some examples..