Saturday, 25 October 2014

Some new fixes - Source updated

I have fixed some routines on HandleCollisionTiles and i compare the kid collision with the original Prince Of Persia.

Fixed and new Implementetions:

- CheckGround : rewrited the routine

- WallCollision : completed the handle collision with walls, there are two limit, near and attached

- Chomper : rewrited the chomper collision and dead fall

- PlatformEdge : kid now can move at edge's limit, shift + movement.

- New xml structure : theres a third xml level's structure, it will be used on next PoP net version. For now the new structure is called PoN.

Indevelopment :

- CallFunctionAndProperty : in sequences, now there's a new "command" FUNCION_type, it will be usefull for determine the right action, directly in xml.

For example:
Kid make a stand jump, at the end of the sequence it calls the property IsOnGround, if true kid is over a platform, the sequence call the SJLAND for land over it, but if not present (false) the sequence call the STEPFALL for falling action.
- JumpAndGrab : i will use the new command for determine when falling if theres a edge platform for hang.

I have notice some different kid action and distances from the "original" kid msdos version.

How many shift pixel is composed the kid "running jump" ?

It' s difficult for me grab the screen and compare the kid position between

Could someone tell me  how many pixel Kid is moved ? (for stand jump, runningjump etc..)

- Complete the LoadLevel for the PoN xml struture

In mean while the source repository was updated!