Wednesday, 19 September 2012

MAC II source code

MAC II source code

I'm study the sequence from original MAC II source code, (i dont know assembler..) i have notice for example the "STARTRUN animation": 

* s t a r t r u n
 db act,1
runstt1 db 1
runstt2 db 2
runstt3 db 3
runstt4 db 4,chx,8
runstt5 db 5,chx,3
runstt6 db 6,chx,3

runcyc1 db 7,chx,5
runcyc2 db 8,chx,1
runcyc3 db tap,1,9,chx,2    *tap is play the tap sound while running??
runcyc4 db 10,chx,4
runcyc5 db 11,chx,5
runcyc6 db 12,chx,2
runcyc7 db tap,1,13,chx,3
runcyc8 db 14,chx,4
 db goto
 dw runcyc1

Total animation = 6 + 8 (startrun and rucyc1)

db act,1 -> load the image table number 1 ? act = -7

db 1  -> frame number 1
db 4,chx,8 -> frame number 4 and "chx,8" is a draw frame position x + 8
In pc version this chx is different for screen resolution but i don't found the x relation why?!!

My animation consist in two image : startrun and next run in infinite loop, total frame 6+8

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