Thursday, 11 October 2012

New features and release

New features and release

Now kid can step and jump in the screen, download the alpha version from previous post..

SHIFT + Left or Righe -> step forward
UP = Jump
DOWN + Left or Right -> for crouch

I had little trouble to understand the "Step Forward" movement, the orignal PC version use a various step lenght, when KID is near the left wall use the step of 52 pixel and normally use a step of 50px, the orignal program use some different step lenght..

For now i have used only the 52px movement.


  1. Hey man! good job!! I know the hard job is to port that game!

    I'm learning XNA and I had a terrible idea too, I thought that "pop" was a good game to learn and practice xna code and make a port to windows and xbox360.
    I had complete spritesheets, sounds, backgrounds and the source code, everything was good......ha!

    The game's code is like the hell!

    5 stars to your blog! your comments about animation and handle collision helped a lot! :D

    Good job and keep working!

    ciao dalla spagna!

  2. Thanks to watching my simple blog!