Thursday, 14 August 2014

Apoplexy levels and Prince flash graphics

Today i have finish the porting of Apoplexy xml level format!

Now you can use Apoplexy editor for build your level and run in,
for downloading Apoplexy level editor follow this link

Some beutiful graphics from PrinceOfPersia flash version by 
Salvador CabaƱas 


  1. Whats next?? do missing tiles for elements like chops?? I have made some tiles for "lava" but was not able to add it to the level class, how to do it??

  2. You can make the appropriate chops graphics and save into the Tiles\dos like
    "ChopsA_[index].png", second make a new file sequence and save in \sequence\ directory like this "CHOPS_sequence.xml" take an example look the spike sequence,

    Now you can add into the add into a room xml file or use the apoplexy format format


    PS warning into the source code you can remove the "chopper tile conversion " because i haven't implemented

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