Friday, 1 August 2014

First Load and Run

This picture is the result after read the Apoplexy XML level 1 file

There are lot of things to do, some traslation and some missed texture, manage the room link structure..

A picture of the flash graphics set (partial only few kid frames)


  1. Good work for achieve it, have you considerer use a best style graphics like this:

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  3. Yes, i have seen it
    In there are three graphics set:
    dos (completed) , flash (partial) and lios (few)
    you can change it by edit the PrinceOfPersia.config

    See kid "CONFIG_sprite_kid" and change dos to flash or lion.

  4. im current using the mac sprites from prince 2 into the net project, and i got a really good visual.. whats your next step with the project???

  5. Next step is to complete the Apoplexy support and complete the missed tile like chops ecc.
    Future is porting it to the Android device
    Do you have imported the complete Prince2 graphic set into ?

  6. Not the complete, you can see it here:

    Pd. Can you please fix the source, some sprites are missing from the project...

  7. Yes, i fix iit and i ported the project on VS2012
    see on codeplex discussion how to open it with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

  8. I do not own visual studio 2012, i want to ask you about the logic for runing the levels, how does it work, and what to do to load next level

  9. Don't worry a project in VS2012 is compatible with VS2010.
    On PrinceOfPersia Codeplex on Discussion section you can found your answers.

  10. There isnt the logic of complete the first level i must implement.
    When i finisch the apoplexy support i will complete the "door" for the next level

  11. What i mean firts, is how the game runs each room separatelly, (the old method) and how the game logic links rooms and create new one after entering it..